Welcome to YourSite.com - Bitcoin Rotator

How to use this Rotator

Using the rotator is simple. Just click The next button above and you will be taken to a new page in this frame.
From there, just collect from the faucet like you would any other faucet, and then click the next button on the top right
to proceed to the next faucet.

Helpful Info

If you look just above the frame for each faucet you visit, you'll see a "Last Verified Date." This is the most recent date in which we were able to successfully claim.

If the site does not load in iframes, you will see red text instructing you to click the blue Link button.

Likewise, if the site generates excessive pop ups, you will see a note in the same area. As well as any faucets that require you to visit a shortlink in order to claim


It is HIGHLY recommended that you disable any adblockers you have running. Most faucets will not work with adblock enabled.
This rotator was designed for desktop use and may not function properly with a screen width less than 1024 pixels in width.